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30 Types Of Yellow Flowers and Their Meanings

30 Types Of Yellow Flowers and Their Meanings

When you’re planting or sending flowers to another person, you may have concerns about choosing the color. Most colors have significant meaning.

Yellow flowers are bright and cheerful, often making the receiver happy.

Many people choose yellow flowers to signify congratulations, get-well, friendship, and Mother’s Day gifts.

But, some cultures consider yellow flowers to be a symbol of death. We’re going to look at 30 types of yellow flowers and their meanings.

Yellow Flowers Meaning & History

Many cultures believe that yellow flowers have significant meanings throughout history. Some people believe yellow inspires positivity, intelligence, and happiness. And many associate the color with sunshine. 

Yellow flowers can be a sign of:

  • Faith
  • Hope
  • Optimism
  • Friendship
  • Brightness
  • Clarity
  • Joy
  • Intellect
  • Truth

History of Yellow Flowers

In the late 19th century, symbology, also called Floriology, started to take hold. This field is when flowers have symbolism or meaning. 

During this time, yellow flowers had a more negative representation. Two hundred years ago, yellow flowers were sent as a negative response to a romantic declaration, making the firm statement of “Thanks but not interested.”

Yellow roses signaled a love that wouldn’t happen or that died out. 

Facts about Yellow Flowers Across the Globe

Many cultures throughout South and Central America use yellow for funerals and deaths. 

In Mexico, marigolds – a primarily yellow flower – represent death. But Mayans believed yellow flowers represented survival and abundance. 

In Europe, yellow flowers have other meanings. If you send yellow flowers in France, it means you’re jealous. But in Victorian England, yellow flowers stood for unrequited love.

On the other hand, Eastern cultures associate yellow flowers with spiritual enlightenment. Ancient Greeks and Egyptians valued yellow flowers due to a similar coloring to sunlight and precious materials such as gold.

In Japan, yellow chrysanthemums are the symbol for the Emperor and the Imperial House. It’s also an ancient symbol of royalty. While in China, yellow flowers represent sacredness.

Shades Of Yellow Chart

Yellow is a happy color that often improves your mood and brightens the room. When you’re considering yellow for painting, website, design, or even nail color, it might shock you to see that there are so many variations of shades – we’ve listed 45 of these in this chart, including name, hex code, and RGB (red, green blue) combination.

ShadeHex #RGB
Sunshine Yellow#FFFD37255, 253, 55
Canary Yellow#FFEF00255, 239, 0
Lemon Yellow#FDFF00253, 255, 0
Goldenrod#DAA520218, 165, 32
Light Goldenrod#FAFAD2250, 250, 210
Pale Goldenrod#EEE8AA238, 232, 170
Saffron#F4C43024, 196, 48
Citrine#E4D00A228, 208, 10
Trombone#D2B55B210, 181, 91
Light Yellow#FFFFE0255, 255, 224
Lemon Chiffon#FFFACD255, 250, 205
Flax#EEDC82238, 220, 130
Light Khaki#F0E68C240, 230, 140
Clover Lime#FCE883252, 232, 131
Xanthic#EEED09238, 237, 9
Royal Yellow#FADA5E250, 218, 94
Cream#FFFFCC255, 255, 204
Gold#FFD700255, 215, 0
Safety Yellow#EED202238, 210, 2
Hunyadi Yellow#E8AC41232, 172, 65
Laguna#F8E473248, 228, 115
Greenish Yellow#EEEA62238, 234, 98
Bright Yellow#FFFD01255, 253, 1
Dark Yellow#D5B60A213, 182, 10
Neon Yellow#CFFF04207, 255, 4
Sunflower#FFDA03255, 218, 3
Sand#E2CA76226, 202, 118
Butter#FFFD74255, 253, 116
Bumblebee#FCE205252, 226, 5
Cyber Yellow#FFD300255, 211, 0
Yellow Tan#FFE36E255, 227, 110
Tuscany#FCD12A252, 209, 42
Banana#FFE135255, 225, 53
Dijon#C49102196, 145, 2
Honey#FFC30B255, 195, 11
Beige#F5F5DC245, 245, 220
Amber#FFBF00255, 191, 0
Maximum Yellow#FAFA37250, 250, 55
Mustard#FEDC56254, 220, 86
Mellow Yellow#F8DE7E248, 222, 126
Unmellow Yellow#FFFF66255, 255, 102
Moccasin#FFE4B5255, 228, 181
Lemon Curry#CCA01D204, 160, 29
Pastel Yellow#FFFE71255, 254, 113
Orange Yellow#FFAD01255, 173, 1

Types of Yellow Flowers

Most species of flowers come in various shades of yellow. A few flower species only come in yellow but no other colors. We’ve found thirty types of yellow flowers to feature.

1. Begonia

Yellow Begonia

Begonias have a lot of different significance, so they’re a versatile species. Yellow and gold begonias are symbols of feelings of contentment, richness, and joy.

2. Birds of Paradise

birds of paradise flower

Birds of Paradise are a tropical species of yellow flower that has darker orange shades.

This flower symbolizes freedom, paradise, and joy. Other symbolisms are magnificence, success, excellence, royalty, regality, optimism, and faithfulness.

3. Black-Eyed Susan

blacked eyed susan flower

Another common yellow flower is the Black-eyed Susan, which has slender golden yellow petals and a significantly protruded brown center.

These flowers represent fairness, equality, and hope. Many people include these flowers in bouquets intended to cheer a person up or encourage them. 

4. Bulbine


Bulbines are succulent (low-water needs) perennial with small star-shaped flowers with

six orange petals and a fluffy yellow stamen to create a bi-color look.

Bulbines are natural herbal remedies for burns, blisters, insect bites, and other minor injuries and irritants. You can also use the leaves to make a drink to treat arthritis, colds, and coughs.

5. Carolina Yellow Jasmine (Jessamine)

Carolina Yellow Jasmine (Jessamine)

Carolina Yellow Jasmine became the state flower of South Carolina in 1924. These 1″ to 4″ yellow flowers produce a sweet nectar that attracts butterflies and deer.

The oils are common ingredients in perfumes and natural hair oils. 

6. Chrysanthemum


Chrysanthemums – also known as mums – are perennial ornamental flowers with some culinary uses for rice wine, tea, and aromatic dishes in Asia.

In much of Europe, mums are given as a symbol for grief, bereavement, or comfort. Many cultures use mums for funerals or grave decorations.

7. Coreopsis


Coreopsis, otherwise known as tickseed or calliopsis, means cheery, which has bright golden petals and lacy foliage.

Many indigenous cultures believe Coreopsis has medicinal purposes, treating stomach ailments, strengthening the blood, and balancing metabolism.

8. Craspedia


Craspedia, also known as Billy Buttons, Billy Balls, or Drumstick, is a native of Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand. These flowers are symbolic of good health and can look great in a mixed bouquet due to the round shape.

9. Daffodil


Daffodils bloom in late winter to early spring when everything else is still dormant. These flowers, which some call buttercups, have trumpet petals and symbolize healing and hope.

The American Cancer Association uses the daffodil as their symbol.

10. Daisy


Daisies are a flower that represents purity, innocence, and childbirth, making them a popular choice for congratulatory bouquets for new mothers.

The daisy is the flower of Freya, a Norse legend. Freya is the goddess of fertility, beauty, and love.

11. Daylily


Yellow daylilies are a symbol of courage, joy, devotion, beauty, and love. Daylilies also symbolize flirtation due to their habit of blooming at sunrise and closing at sunset.

They’re beautiful, but not for long. Many people give daylilies as a mother’s day gift. 

12. Dutch Hyacinth

Dutch Hyacinth

The Dutch Hyacinth is a symbol of vitality, vigor, sports, and the God Apollo flower. However, yellow hyacinths are symbolic of jealousy, so you want to use care when gifting these flowers to others. 

13. Freesia

Yellow Freesia

Freesias are a species that hit popularity in the 1800s, originating in South Africa and then cultivated in Europe. Yellow freesias represent optimism and friendship, so they’re a great flower to send to make a friend smile.

The sweet smell makes these flowers a frequent ingredient of soaps, perfumes, lotions, and shampoos.

14. Goldenrod

Goldenrod flower

Goldenrods are symbolic for bringing creativity, inspiration, encouragement, and good thoughts.

Use caution when gifting Goldenrod flowers, as this species contains a lot of pollen, which could affect people with allergies.

15. Graham Thomas Rose

graham thomas rose

The Graham Thomas rose is a cultivated English Rose species created by David Austin. This species produces a cluster of bright yellow 3 ½” roses with a fragrant aroma.

Many people consider this rose to be the most romantic type, despite not being red. 

16. Jungle Geranium

Jungle Geranium

Jungle geraniums, also called Ixora, needle flowers, or jungle flame, produce a cluster of small yellow blooms. The petals are used as condiments and food flavoring in some cultures. 

This flower’s health benefits include treating leg cramps and body pain, hemorrhoids, dysentery, and healing wounds.

17. Marigold

yellow marigold

Marigolds are a summer-to-fall flower that blooms in shades of yellow or orange. The curled petals give this flower a ruffled, unique look that’s immediately identifiable.

Yellow marigolds signify happiness, joy, warmth, positive energy, good luck, and optimism.  

18. Prickly Pear (with Yellow Flowers)

prickly pear

Prickly Pear is a cactus that produces yellow cup-shaped flowers and dangerous sharp spikes in summer. They also have edible red fruits.

This plant is crucial for Mexico’s economy, used for nutrition, ecology, industrial purposes, and medicine to treat ulcers, colitis, diabetes, obesity, skin conditions, and more. 

19. Primrose

Yellow Primrose

The Primrose has billowy curled leaves and a small decorative middle. Yellow Primrose represents youthful beauty, kindness, and patience. The name comes from “primus,” a Latin word for first, referring to the fact that Primroses are the first flowers to bloom in spring.

20. Ranunculus


Ranunculus flowers do not have a lot of different meanings. Regardless of the color, a ranunculus can symbolize attractiveness or charm.

Receiving these flowers means you impressed the giver and they’re interested.

21. Snapdragon

Yellow Snapdragon

Snapdragons have had symbolism throughout history. In Victorian times, snapdragons were a symbol of telling the truth.

Current symbolisms include strength, deviousness, and grace. Yellow snapdragons mean good luck, positivity, and happiness.

22. Sunflower


Sunflowers are an enjoyable summer-growing species that turn throughout the day to follow the sun’s rays.

These flowers have bright yellow leaves and a dark brown center. Some types can grow as large as fourteen feet tall with a 12″ spread.

23. Waterlily

Yellow Water Lily

These flowers associate with optimism, fertility, and rebirth. The lotus is a significant religious symbol for Buddhist and Hindu cultures.

Water lilies, also primarily known as lotus flowers, have the same symbolism, regardless of color.

24. Yarrow

Yellow Yarrow

Yarrow flowers are more likely to be an accent piece than the showcase in a bouquet due to their small, broad foliage of tiny yellow flowers. This flower symbolizes healing, good health, and love.

25. Yellow Butterfly Bush

Yellow Butterfly Bush

Butterfly bushes, also called Buddleia, produce clusters of fragrant flower spikes that are a favorite for butterflies. These flowers represent new beginnings, resurrection, and rebirth.

The petals are used in Korean and Chinese medicines to treat muscle spasms, hernias, hepatitis, bladder issues, headaches, and eye problems.

26. Yellow Carnation

Yellow Carnation

Yellow carnations are an easy way to express disappointment or rejection. Carnations are one of the most popular blooms in florist shops, used for various occasions. The color of the flower signifies its meaning, so you have to use care when gifting these.

27. Yellow Hibiscus

Yellow Hibiscus

Hibiscus are simple blooms with curled back petals and a bright center. A yellow-colored hibiscus stands for good fortune, good luck, happiness, and sunshine.

28. Yellow Pansy

yellow pansy

Pansies are a perfect flower for platonic relationships with people close to your heart, like family or friends. Yellow is a symbol of positive energy, joy, and happiness. Gifting a yellow pansy is common when a person is going through a hard time.

29. Yellow Tulip

yellow tulip

Tulips are a spring flower that has a unique trumpet-shape. Yellow tulips are a favorite for friendship bouquets to say “Get well” or just-because gifts.

30. Zinnia

yellow zinnia

Yellow zinnia flowers are symbolic of daily remembrance, whereas the zinnia flower generally stands for goodness, constancy, lasting love, and thoughts of an absent person. Zinnias also present good memories.


Flowers are an easy way to brighten up a room, improve a person’s mood, or share feelings. The many different colors of flowers often have significant meaning, as we’ve demonstrated with the many different symbolisms of the thirty yellow flower types we’ve listed.