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Zinnia Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Zinnia Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Zinnia plants are among the most popular flowers to grow for beginners due to their simplicity and beauty. However, the zinnia flower has multiple meanings – friendship, affection, remembrance, love, and endurance. Learn about the different types of zinnias, the flower characteristics, and zinnia name meaning.

About the Zinnia Flower

Zinnia is short for Zinnia elegans, also sometimes called Zinnia violacea. Zinnia belongs to the genus of the same name, which calls into the Asteraceae (daisy) family. 

History and Origin

Zinnia flowers are native to Mexico and the warm climates throughout America. These flowers came to Europe from Central America around the 1500s, where they quickly spread across the continent in popularity. The Zinnia elegans variety from today made it in 1796. 

The first varieties of zinnia flowers did not resemble the bold, cheerful, and colorful types today. The first description of the Zinnia is credited to Dr. Johann Gottfried Zinn, where the flower got its name. 


Zinnias fall into three classifications, with each group having specific features. These are dwarf, medium-high, and high. The most identifying feature is a single multi-petaled flower on a straight stalk.

The stem of the Zinnia is hard and firm, allowing these flowers to be durable and long-lasting, even after they’ve been cut. Flower shape can also vary by simple, semi-full, or full. 

Zinnias can come in all colors except blue Zinnia. Some varieties are multi-colored. These flowers bloom from spring through early summer and range in height from 4” – the shortest – up to 40”. 

Zinnia Flower Care

These flowers need regular watering in hot weather and, if desired, treated every 14 days with a liquid fertilizer. They do best in moist, fertile, well-draining soil with a 5.5 to 7.5 pH and full sun. 

Uses Throughout History

Zinnias have no nutritional or medicinal abilities. The main use of the Zinnia flower is landscaping and for garnishments and decorations. 

Zinnia Flower Symbolism

The Zinnia flower holds multiple meanings. Learn about the different types of zinnia symbolism and the zinnia name meaning.

Etymological Meaning

The Zinnia name derives from botanist Dr. Johann Gottfried Zinn, the first person to discover this flower species. Although this flower has the same name worldwide, other cultures use different names.


While one zinnia meaning relates to friendship, a more specific zinnia flower meaning is absent friends. It can say farewell to a person that’s important to you and your life. You can give it to someone leaving, regardless of whether it will be a long or short separation. 


Zinnias are also symbolic of affection. A zinnia bouquet can send an unspoken message of love and care to someone special. Since there are different zinnia colors, this flower is suitable for a partner, family member, or close friend. 

Remembrance and Tribute

Many people bring Zinnias to put on graves to symbolize remembrance and affection. These flowers are a happy, touching, and beautiful way to show your love for someone important in your life who is no longer with you. 


The Zinnia represents endurance due to its long growth period. However, it will produce colorful flowers throughout fall until frost once it blooms in spring.

Zinnia Flower Color Meaning

Zinna colors are all of those in the rainbow and some multi-colored patterns, giving many flower color meanings. 


Red zinnias are symbolic of romance, love, and passion. But you could also use it to send an unspoken message of aggression or anger. You can send zinnias in red to your partner or anyone you feel love, no matter the relationship.  


Fuchsia is a bold, strong color that can symbolize strong emotions of passion and love. You can give this flower to a partner or an important person in your life. Zinnias in fuchsia can also give your home light, positive energy.


A pink zinnia symbolizes romance, happiness, love, gentleness, grace, and affection. Zinnias in pink can remind you of the importance of romance and love, making a great surprise for a person you deeply love. It can also act as a mood booster for your home, lifting your spirits when you feel depressed.


Orange zinnias flowers are associated with success, ambition, energy, family bonds, drive, and power. 


A yellow zinnia represents optimism, joy, and positive energy. Yellow zinnia flowers can add positivity to any bouquet. Or, when you use yellow zinnias throughout your home, it can make an energetic statement. Use a yellow zinnia for family or friends without worrying that it’s sending a romantic message.


You can even find a green zinnia, which can symbolize money, wealth, growth, success, and new starts.


A zinnia plant in blue is less common, but there are varieties that you can plant to produce a blue zinnia flower. This color makes a superb gift for unique people. It can also symbolize faith, trust, and friendship.


Purple is for class, elegance, wealth, success, commitment, beauty, and royalty. Purple zinnia flowers are rich and unique, making an excellent gift to someone who stands out and exudes excellence and a regal attitude. 


White zinnias symbolize spirituality, innocence, and purity, making them fantastic decorations for events where you want to add grace or spirituality. For example, the beautiful, simple yet warm look is often used for weddings and congratulations on a birth.

Zinnia Flower FAQ

Learn more about the Zinnia flower with these frequently asked questions. 

When Should You Give Someone a Zinnia Flower?

A zinnia bouquet is an excellent gift to a friend to celebrate welcoming home or going away. They are also commonly used for wedding flowers and romantic bouquets.

What Does a Zinnia Flower Tattoo Represent?

A zinnia flower tattoo has many meanings. One meaning for a zinnia tattoo is empathy or longing for an absent friend. 

Are Zinnia Flowers Poisonous?

Zinnias are edible, although there is no nutritional value gained from consumption. The colorful petals are often used as a garnish on dishes. They are not toxic to small children or pets.

Are Zinnia Flowers Annuals or Perrenials?

Many people wonder are zinnias perennials or annuals due to the way zinnias tend to come back in the same place year after year. Despite this behavior, the answer to are zinnias perennials is no. They are annuals.

What Does Zinnia Smell Like?

Zinnias do not have a noticeable fragrance.

Zinnia Flowers Meaning: Final Thoughts

Zinnias are a beloved flower due to coming in a huge range of colors, sizes, flower shapes, and heights. There are also many meanings for the zinnia flower, with many varying by color. Some meanings of the Zinnia flower include endurance, friendship, remembrance, and goodness.