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Statice Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Statice Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Statice flowers are herbaceous plants with multiple uses and colors. There are also a few statice flower meaning – success, remembrance, and sympathy. The color of the Statice flower can affect the flower’s symbolism. Keep reading to learn everything about the Statice flower – sea lavender plant – and its meaning.

About the Statice Flower

The Statice flower goes by the botanical name Limonium sinuatum. The genus name is also Limonium. These plants belong to the Plumbaginaceae family and are the astrological flower for the sign of Capricorn. 

There are over 120 species in the Limonium genus, with most flowers being blue or purple in their natural look. But the statice flower can also come in various other colors due to cross-breeding. 

History and Origin

Statice is native to the Mediterranean and Central Asia part of the world, although you can find them growing in all parts of the world due to its ability to tolerate poor or fertile soil. 

Common Names

A more common term for Statices is sea lavender. Statice also goes by the scientific name Limonium or nicknames Everlasting Flower, seafoam, sea herb, or marsh rosemary.


Statice plants grow on sturdy stems up to 3′ tall and form clusters of small purple flowers. The flowers are small, with dainty, long-lasting, vividly colored petals and a discreet scent.

Statice Flower Care

The Limonium flower requires a plant site with full sun exposure and well-draining, rich soil. But the statice plant does not have a preference for soil pH. As a result, they have low needs for maintenance and watering.

Uses Throughout History

The sea lavender plant has been a medicinal herbal remedy for treating gonorrhea, diarrhea, leucorrhoea, gleet, atonic dyspepsia, chronic dysentery, hemorrhages, and laryngitis.

It can also treat ulcers, tooth pain, and piles. During aromatherapy, you can use it to encourage relaxation, peace, well-being, and release tensions.

And their ability to last a long time dried or fresh – while retaining their color – makes them a popular choice for floral arrangements. 

Statice Flower Symbolism

The main statice flower meaning is remembrance. Other statice meanings are success and sympathy.

Etymological Meaning

The Statice flower’s botanical name is Limonium, from leimon – Greek for meadow. This name is about how you can find these flowers growing wild in fields.

These flowers also go by sea lavender because they grow along sea lines.

Fond Memories/Remembrance

The main meaning of Statice is as a sign of remembrance. It’s often included in bouquets and memorial wreaths for deaths, funerals, memories, or death anniversaries. You often see these flowers at burial grounds. 

And the flower’s rich, bold violet color also makes it suitable for remembrances of a dearly departed loved one. 

It’s also useful for telling someone close to you who passed away at random that you’ll always remember them and carry them in your heart.


You can also use the Statice plant to express sympathy and compassion for someone. It can tell someone that you care about them and their situation.

Give it to a person going through a rough time or that has experienced a large loss. It says that you are sorry for the situation they are going through and that you care about them. 


Statice flowers are also symbolic of success. Therefore, Limonium flowers are an exceptional gift to give to someone you want to succeed. 

A bouquet of Statice flowers can say that you believe in someone and what they’re capable of achieving, usually within a short time.

You can choose a statice plant as the perfect choice for a big achievement in life, school, or work. Use it for promotions, marriages, graduations, births, anniversaries, or housewarmings.

Statice Flower Color Meaning

The primary colors of statice flowers are blue and purple. But you can also find flowers in red, yellow, orange, pink, and white. The color of the flower can change the meaning.


Red Limonium is symbolic of passion, romance, and love. It’s the ultimate symbol of unspoken feelings for your romantic partner or someone to whom you feel strong romantic or attractive feelings.


Pink Limonium means gentleness, compassion, femininity, and motherly love. It’s an appropriate flower to gift to a loved person but not romantically, such as friends or family. Pink Statice can demonstrate your compassionate and caring nature. 


Statice flowers in yellow symbolize joy, positive energy, and happiness. You can use these flowers to make someone feel loved and have an energy boost. Put yellow linoleum in your home, garden, and office to attract positive vibes and add color. 


A white statice represents purity, trust, and innocence. But a Limonium white flower can also mean truth and spirituality. White statice flower are often used for weddings. A white Limonium in weddings represents the pure nature and innocence of the bride.


A purple statice flower is symbolic of the future, dreams, fantasy, grace, mystery, honor, and imagination. Limonium purple is also said to spiritually calm emotions. 

Plus, you can use purple statice flower for enhancing psychic abilities and grounding you while you’re spiritually enlightened. Purple Limonium also encourages selfless love, compassion, and sensitivity. 


A blue statice flower symbolizes trust, deep trust, and intimacy. But a blue statice flower can also mean peace. 

Give a blue Statice flower to someone you truly trust. Of course, it’s best if this person shares an intimate or close relationship with you. But a blue Statice can also infuse your home with positive energy and peace.

Statice Flower FAQ

You can find out more about the Statice flower with these commonly asked questions. 

When Should You Give Someone a Statice Flower?

You can use Statice flowers for good or bad meanings. For example, they can be congratulations on a success, reunions, birthdays, or graduations. Or you can use them for remembrance during solemn events like funerals or memorials.

When are Statice Flowers in Season?

Statice flowers bloom from spring through summer. 

Are Statice Flowers Annuals or Perrenials?

Statice flowers can be perennials, annuals, or shrubs.

What Does a Statice Flower Smell Like?

Statice flowers have a musky scent that some people may find disfavorable. 

Are Statice Flowers Toxic?

It is not known for Statice flowers to be toxic to pets or people.

Final Thoughts

Sea lavender is a gorgeous and long-lasting flower with positive and negative symbols. The main meanings of Statices are remembrance, sympathy, and success. Use it to say way to go, or I’m sorry for what you’re experiencing. You can use them as fresh-cut bouquets that turn into excellent dried floral arrangements.