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Snapdragon Flower Meaning And Symbolism

Snapdragon Flower Meaning And Symbolism

Flower meanings and symbolism help us to determine which sort of flower to gift to someone to let them know we care about them and think about them. What are the Snapdragon flower’s meaning and symbolism?

Snapdragon is derived from the Greek words “anti,” which means like, and “rhin,” meaning nose. This flower’s botanical name, antirrhinum, fits the description of its snout-shaped flower perfectly. Depending on their color, Snapdragon flowers mainly symbolize grace, strength, and deviousness.

The Snapdragon flower’s meaning and symbolism are fascinating. Stay with us as we provide you with a brief overview of the Snapdragon, its symbolic meanings, and how they can change with color!

What Does The Snapdragon Symbolize?

It is believed that the usual name for this unique flower comes from the snap sound it makes when the size of the “dragon’s mouth” is slightly squeezed. 

While the actual origin of the Snapdragon remains unknown, it is believed that these flowers were initially wildflowers in Italy and Spain. 

The Snapdragon is a highly symbolic flower, mainly symbolizing grace, strength, and deviousness. Ancient cultured were captivated by this flower’s unusual appearance and ability to grow perfectly out of rocky places. 

The most unusual symbolism of the snapdragon flower can be linked to its grace and femininity. People considered this flower to symbolize female strength and grace, because it still stood beautiful, regardless of its rocky growing conditions. 

Women did not have much power during these ancient times, so gifting this flower to a woman meant you loved and respected her immensely. 

Another symbolism that can be linked to the Snapdragon is importance and power. People who owned a Snapdragon flower or received it were considered fascinating and respectful. 

The Snapdragon is a peculiar flower and demands admiration and respect from every person, and it was and still is widely known to have a strong symbolism.

Snapdragon Color Meanings

Snapdragon flowers come in various colors, each color with its own symbolic meaning. Knowing the meaning of each color will give you an idea of when to gift them and to who.

Below are the different snapdragon flower colors and the meaning they hold:


The Purple Snapdragon is a symbol of royalty and spirituality. You can gift a purple Snapdragon flower to anyone you love and care about. 

Purple represents higher positions, nobility, class, royalty, and spirituality. Therefore, you can share a purple Snapdragon flower with anyone you feel is worthy.


The color red is a well-known symbol of romance, love, and passion. The red Snapdragon can also symbolize energy and power. 

If you love somebody and feel passionate about them, the red Snapdragon is the perfect gift.


Overall, yellow symbolizes optimism, good luck, positive energy, and happiness. Gift a yellow-colored Snapdragon to anyone you love and care about to send a positive message.


A white Snapdragon flower symbolizes spirituality, good magic, grace, and purity. If these words made you think of somebody worthy of such adjectives, you might want to gift them with a white Snapdragon.


Orange is a potent symbol of passion and positive energy. A beautiful and unique orange Snapdragon can be given to anyone, especially if your goal is to make the person feel good and bring some positive energy into their life.


Each different-colored Snapdragon flower has its own symbolic meaning. Before you decide to gift this unique flower to somebody you love and care about, take a closer look at the symbolic meanings behind a particular color. 

Snapdragon flowers are a great way to spread positive messages toward a person and maybe even confess some intimate feelings towards a special person.