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2 Types Of September Birth Flowers And Their Meanings

2 Types Of September Birth Flowers And Their Meanings

What are the September birth flowers? What do they mean, and what do they symbolize? Do their colors have different meanings, and when can they be given as a gift?

The two September birth flowers are the Aster and the Morning Glory. Aster is also known as starworts and frost flowers. They are symbols of wisdom, affection, and love. The Morning Glory represents unrequited love. Their beautiful star-like petals open in the morning and close when the night falls.

Each birth flower has its own unique meaning, and this is especially the case when it comes to September! You are sure to make the recipient feel extra special when you give them their birth flowers, and it would be even better if you knew all the meanings!

Aster, The First September Birthflower

Asters grow in many colors, but lilac, mauve, red, white, or pink blooms are some of the most commonly found colors. This September birth flower blooms in fall and is regarded as a herb! 

Aster has daisy-like flowers, which stand for Valor, Wisdom, and Faith, as well as powerful love. Asters are named after the Greek word “star” because their blooms resemble a star. Asters also represent the color, as only a splash of color makes for a happy and exciting life. 

The Aster flower first became a strong symbol of love when it was placed on the altars as sacrifices for the gods in Greek mythology. 

Another Greek Mythology story suggests that Aster flowers were created by the tears of the Greek Goddess named Astraea. 

One day, this Goddess was very upset about watching stars on a pitch-black night, and she started crying. 

As she wept, many tears fell on the ground, turning into flowers in the shapes of stars, which have been known to be called “Aster” since then. 

Another interpretation of the Aster flower is that it originated when Virgo, which is the zodiac sign of September, scattered stardust all over the Earth. 

Wherever the stardust landed and settled, Aster flowers bloomed. The Aster flower is also an emblem of Venus, who is the Goddess of love.

So today, if you send a bouquet of flowers featuring a vibrant blooming Aster or three, the message “take care of yourself, because I care about you” is implied. 

Asters convey deep and emotional affection and love towards a friend or even a close family member.

Different Colored Aster Flower Meanings

Although the Aster flower carries a wide variety of meanings, this flower mainly represents love, faith, and wisdom. These meanings can change when it comes to other colored Aster flowers, and it is sure to send a beautiful message to the recipient.

Purple Aster Flowers

Purple Asters symbolize royalty and wisdom. They are also the most popular color and are given in the event of wedding anniversaries or to celebrate the end of a chapter, such as graduation from a university or moving into a new home.

Red Aster Flowers

Red Aster flowers symbolize undying devotion. This makes a red Aster one of the best gifts for a hardworking friend or family member to express how proud you are and the job they are doing. It is a great way to recognize somebody’s hard work, such as a coworker.

Pink Aster Flowers

Pink Asters symbolize sensitivity and love. Because these feelings, along with the color pink, can be seen to represent femininity, it makes it a suitable gift for Mother’s Day, or Women’s day, or if you want to show your love and appreciation to a remarkable woman in your life.

White Aster Flowers

White asters symbolize innocence and purity, making them a great decorative plant for weddings, a children’s bedroom, or even in churches to celebrate a religious gathering or festival.

When Can An Aster Be Gifted To A Person?

Aster flowers are appropriate gifts for almost any occasion. Aster flowers are one of the two birth flowers for September, and it is also a very popular flower to be gifted to married couples on their 20th wedding anniversaries. 

Aster flowers can last a long time, even if they are cut up in a vase. In many cases, Aster flowers can stay fresh and beautiful for up to three weeks. 

Because you can find Asters in almost any color you desire, they will work well for most types of gifts and events or occasions.

Morning Glory, The Second September Birthflower

morning glory meaning flower

The morning glory is the second birth flower of September. Morning glories are simple symbols of affection between humans. 

Those people who are early risers may be lucky enough to be able to watch their lovely blossoms open. Hence their name, Morning Glory flowers, will typically curl up and close later in the day. 

The Morning Glory flower has a few meanings, but some of the widespread implications include life, love, and death. 

Sometimes, they can symbolize being in love in vain. The ability of a Morning Glory flower to rise each new morning and curl up to sleep each night strongly resembles the life of every human being.

This, however, may seem like a very depressing thought. 

The Morning Glory blooms every morning, only to die at the end of the evening. It is about a lot more than this, as a Morning Glory bloom is resilient and able to grow in the most challenging situations while still thriving each year.

 While they do die, they will rise again in the mornings, like clockwork. This is to signify that there is beauty in life, even if the end result is death.

What Do The Different Colors Of A Morning Glory Symbolize

Morning Glory blooms come in white, pink, blue, purple, and red. Each of these blooms has distinct meanings, and it sure makes this September birth flower even more special than it already. 

Take a look at the meanings of each different colored Morning Glory bloom:

The White Morning Glory

The color white is a strong symbol of innocence, spirituality, and purity.

The Pink Morning Glory

This pink variant of the Morning Glory is a symbol of gentleness, romance, love, gratitude, and thoughtfulness. 

If you want to show that you are appreciative of somebody and want to thank them, a white-colored Morning Glory is a perfect gift. 

Blue Morning Glory

The blue-colored Morning Glory is a symbol of trust, respect, honesty, and deep emotions with infinite love. 

If it is your significant other’s birthday or a milestone, a blue Morning Glory will make the occasion even more special. 

Purple Morning Glory

The purple Morning Glory flower represents nobility, royalty, and beauty. 

Red Morning Glory

The red Morning Glory is a symbol of passion and having a strong heart to help others. 

When Can A Morning Glory Flower Be Gifted To Someone?

The short lifespan of a Morning Flower is strongly related to the fleeting nature of love, as well as the way that affection and love can be renewed with each new day. 

When you gift somebody a Morning Glory flower, it gives them the feeling that you care about them and share an everlasting love and bond, no matter what challenges life face you. 

The Morning Glory symbolizes strength and gives a person enough power and motivation to realize that their hopes and dreams are achievable. 

Morning Glories are resilient flowers, and they pass this immense power on to their recipients. It is believed that this flower’s ability to grow through difficult times resonates a lot. 

This makes it an ideal gift if you know somebody you care about is taking on a big milestone in their life and needs some extra support and encouragement.


With such powerful meanings behind these two September birth flowers, each color holding its own significance, Morning Glory and Aster flowers can help you share a beautiful message of love.