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Sampaguita Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Sampaguita Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Sampaguita is a powerful flower that represents the meanings of dedication and love. A Sampaguita flower meaning can also symbolize a promise made to someone. But you can also use this philippine national flower to invoke positive energy and encourage new life opportunities for yourself or another person. 

About the Sampaguita Flower

The Sampaguita flower is native to Asia’s south Pacific and southern parts – Myanmar, India, and Sri Lanka. This tropical beauty has many associations with feelings of love and romance. 

These flowers produce rich aromas used for perfumes and essential oils, commonly used to treat anxiety and depression and relax the body. 

History and Origin

This flower is the national symbol of the Philippines and Indonesia. Where this plant grows locally, it’s common to use for weddings and religious ceremonies. 

It’s also exchanged by couples like wedding rings in most traditional weddings to demonstrate a promise of devotion. 

Common Name

Sampaguita is the common name for this plant, whose scientific name is Jasminum sambac. Other names used for this plant include Arabian Jasmine and Philippine Jasmine, despite being different from common Jasmine – Jasminum grandiflores. 


The waxy philippine flower forms on vines and requires support to help lift it. They do well planted with bushy plants that prefer neutral to mild sour soil. They produce glossy green leaves and attractive waxy blooms in white or yellow.

While there is little need for maintenance, you need to pay attention during watering in the summer. Flowers will start to appear in late spring and can even grow year-round in tropical climates.

Sampaguita Flower Care

These plants require full sun, although they can survive as shade tolerant. The vines grow over a meter (3+ feet) in height with leaves up to 5″ in length. 

They grow larger every year, requiring transferring to bigger pots once annually. Applying a mild, balanced fertilizer spring through fall boosts the flowers’ growth.

Uses Throughout History

The primary use for Sampaguita is for ornamental and aromatic value due to the flower’s beauty and luscious fragrance. Many Kings and Chinese emperors Sung chose to grow these plants for their scent. 

These flowers are also used for hair decor in the Philippines, China, and India. And it’s mixed with coconut oil by Malaysians to make hair products, essential oils, aromatherapy, and cosmetics. 

Medicinally, Sampaguita can soothe migraines and anxiety and promotes healthy living and well-being. It can also serve as an herbal remedy for cough, headaches, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and fever. The leaves also have antipyretic abilities, making them a treatment for wounds and snake bites.

Sampaguita Flower Symbolism

There are a few different Sampaguita flower meanings, including the Philippines’ national flower. 

One myth says that putting a bundle of dried Sampaguita Filipino flowers under your pillow grants your partner a long and happy marriage. Therefore, this ritual is best when done on your wedding anniversary.

Etymological Meaning

Although there are slight differences, the Sampaguita flower is a member of the Jasminum sambac family with the Philippine jasmine plant.

The Filipino flower Sampaguita grows as evergreen vines while Jasmine forms as shrubs. But both plants have a similar scent and characteristics. 

The name Sampaguita is from the Spanish words sumpa Kita – I give you my promise. An old legend says that after her father’s death, Princess Lakambini inherited the kingdom. 

She then fell in love with a prince – Lakan Galing – who offered to help her rule her kingdom due to her inexperience. Sampaguita flowers adorned the ceremony, representing the couple’s love and devotion. 

Then one day, the prince went to battle against the kingdom’s enemies and never returned. The princess awaited his return until she finally accepted that he was dead. Eventually, she returned to the hill where she and her love had their marriage.

However, feelings of grief became so strong that she died at the spot where they said their vows of eternal love. A small vine that produced the Sampaguita flower grew at the site of her death.

Love and Devotion

The Sampaguita plant can represent your love and faith in your partner and its eternal existence. It can also symbolize sincerity and truthfulness. 

And gifting this flower to someone you care about shows your most genuine and pure emotions. It’s largely representative of love in South Asia and the Pacific. 

When you’re deeply in love with someone, you surrender your soul as the ultimate source of dedication and love.

Purity and Hope

Sampaguita is symbolic of divine hope, partially due to producing white flowers, representing meanings of purity and hope.

The Sampaguita flower is a common species used for decorating during religious ceremonies, baptisms, and weddings in Asia and the Pacific due to their meanings of innocence and purity. 

National Flower of the Philippines

The Sampaguita is the Philippines national flower and the national flower of Indonesia. And the National flower of Philippines is also symbolic of gentleness and femininity in Chinese cultures due to belonging to the Jasminum sambac family – Jasmine.

Sampaguita Flower Color Meaning

Unlike most flowers, the Filipino flower only grows in two flower colors – yellow and white. Both colors are symbolic of deep and strong emotions.


The white flowers formed on Sampaguita plants have meanings of hope, good chances, and an optimistic expectation of the future.

White also symbolizes innocence, purity, reverence, and honesty. These flowers are often used for decorations during weddings to convey dedication and love. 


Sampagitas in yellow infuses your home with happiness and cheer. You’ll feel ready to take on new positive changes in life and keep a bright outlook. 

Give a yellow Sampagita bouquet to offer optimism and encouragement. It will also smile on someone’s face (including yours when used in your living room or office) and enhance your positive reaction.

Sampaguita Flower FAQ

Here’s a bit more interesting information about the Sampaguita flower.

When Should You Give Someone a Sampaguita Flower?

Gift these flowers for Valentine’s Day, celebrate weddings or anniversaries, or religious ceremonies.

What Does a Sampaguita Flower Tattoo Represent?

A Sampaguita flower tattoo can symbolize dedication, devotion, strength, undying love, purity, and fidelity.

What Is the Legend of Sampaguita?

The legend says the flower bloomed at the sight where a Princess died from grief after realizing her prince was not returning from war.

What Does Sampaguita Smell Like?

Sampaguita has a scent strongly similar to Jasmine. 

Are Sampaguita Flowers Annuals or Perrenials?

The flower of the Philippines – Sampaguitas – are perennials, meaning they come back each year. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to choose a strongly aromatic, lovely flower to represent your external love and devotion to your partner, the tropical Sampaguita can do the trick. These beautiful climbing vines are an excellent addition to your garden to add dimension, height, and a refreshing, relaxing aroma.