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Mimosa Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Mimosa Flower Meaning and Symbolism

A mimosa flower is a popular ornamental plant with many meanings. Mainly found in yellow varieties, most mimosa meanings are happy and powerful, such as joy, the sun, happiness, appreciation of nature, security, safety, and the sensibility and strength of women. Keep reading to learn everything about this flower and the different mimosa meanings.

About the Mimosa Flower 

The Mimosa flower belongs to the genus by the same name, containing around 400 species and belongs to the Fabaceae species. 

But the name has also been used for plants that go into the genera Albizia and related Acacias. The two most popular species are Mimosa tenuiflora and mimosa pudica flower.

Mimosas can be herbs, woody climbers, undershrubs, or trees that grow in subtropic and tropical climates around the globe. 

History and Origin

The first Mimosa plants were found in Asia and Africa. But their propensity for warm weather has let them spread to locations like Australia and warmer parts of the US. 

Common Name

The common name Mimosas is a derivative of the Greek word mimos, meaning mimic, mime, or actor. Osa means resembling. They get this name because of the leaves’ movements and sensitivity, which mimics conscious life. 

Another common name is touch-me-not, which is how the leaves will fold up in response to touch or if it senses heat. Other words called for this plant include:

  • Blue or silver water.
  • The night sleeper.
  • The Persian silk tree.
  • The humble plant.
  • The scientific name Acacia dealbata. 


Mimosa flowers produce round cluster blooms, with numerous flowers grown on long stamens that produce fluffy, spherical heads. The foliage is also aesthetically appealing and fragrant. 

Size varies, with some variations getting up to 20 feet tall. While the Mimosa is most famous for producing yellow flowers, some varieties have white and yellow colors and pink mimosa flowers. 

Mimosa Flower Care

Mimosa plants blossom in summer, surviving as perennials in USDA hardiness zones 9 through 13 and in soil pHs from 5 to 7 pH. 

You need to choose a plant site with full sun to partial shade, with average watering needs. Let the soil dry out between waterings, especially for saplings. 

Avoid areas near concrete due to the invasive nature of the roots. A balanced 10:10:10 fertilizer is ideal, but it’s not necessary to over-fertilize due to the tree’s rapid growth.

Uses Throughout History

A lot of Mimosa blossoms have medicinal properties. It has been used for treating multiple skin issues, like boils, bruises, wounds, abscesses, ulcers, fractures, and hemorrhoids. 

But most species are grown as ornamentals, preferred for their beautiful foliage and flowers in pink, white, and purple.

Mimosa Flower Symbolism

For the answer to what does Mimosa mean, the mimosa flower meaning is not limited to one, but multiple symbolisms. 

This flower represents happiness, joy, life, the sun, and the pleasure provided by nature. However, the mimosa flower meaning can also be sensitivity, security, and safety.  

The Strength and Sensibility of a Woman

The Mimosa flower is the official symbol of International Women’s Day – held on March 8th. It represents women’s determination, strength, will, and sensitivity. And it reminds women to appreciate what beauty they give to the world. Giving a mimosa to a woman can be a way to express admiration. 

Secret Love

This flower in yellow once said, “nobody knows that I love you.” It’s symbolic of secret love and the rush caused by the secrecy. 


Mimosas are symbolic of beauty due to the striking, colorful appearance of the fluffy, aromatic blooms. The beauty of this tree is representative of a person’s personality and how that person enhances others’ lives’ from their beautiful nature.

Protection and Security

Mimosa tree branches expand to cover a massive area in a short amount of time that protects from the harsh sun’s rays, giving these species associations of protection and security.

And Mimosa tenuiflora – largely preferred for its medicinal qualities – protects against various illnesses by being used for multiple pharmaceutical drugs. 


Many people use Mimosa flowers to symbolize an expansion in their life. You’re embracing the urge to start a new journey, whether it’s a relationship, traveling, family, your career, or a hobby. 

Sensitivity and Tolerance

The tree’s sensitivity to touch, heat, and coldness represents sensitivity. But despite its irritable behavior, it’s a hardy plant that can survive unfavorable conditions, also meaning tolerance. This tree may give you the patience and strength to handle all difficult situations.

Death and Mourning

Mimosas are a popular flower to gift to someone who’s experienced a recent death of a loved one. Or to show support or sympathy for someone going through a period of mourning. White is one of the most common flowers sent for funerals in Asian cultures like China, Korea, and Japan. 

Cultural Significance

Mimosa flowers have played a large role in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. In addition, it’s said that the flower produces a spiritual boost. 

In India, the bark can make a tonic that cleans the liver and the heart during spiritual cleansings. The leaves were also used for medicinal purposes. 

In ancient Mayan culture, the flowers treated burns and injuries, speeding up how fast it takes to heal. Modern homeopathy still uses the touch-me-not bark to treat inflammation, colds, and coughs.

Mimosa Flower Yellow Color Meaning

The yellow mimosa flower is often symbolic of secret love. But a yellow mimosa tree can also mean a ray of sunshine, joy, and happiness. A yellow mimosa also implies elegance, dignity, and kindness.

Mimosa Flower FAQ

Here are a few questions readers still have about mimosa flowers.

When Should You Give Someone a Mimosa Flower?

You can give Mimosas as a gift for any occasion and represent positive feelings for life’s blessings or show sympathy to someone during mourning or passing. Gift them to someone to bring them positivity, demonstrate how much you care, brighten up their day, or show support during need or trouble. 

What Does a Mimosa Flower Tattoo Represent?

A mimosa flower tattoo often represents the strength of life due to being linked to the sun. A mimosa tattoo can also be symbolic of the sun, wealth, or a positive mindset that helps you get through life’s hard times. A mimosa tree tattoo can also be a testament to nature or a positive person in your life. 

Are Mimosa Flowers Poisonous?

The flowers are not poisonous, but the tree seedpods are extremely toxic to animals and children. 

Are Mimosa Flowers Annuals or Perrenials?

Most Mimosas are annuals. 

Why Do Mimosa Flowers Close When Touched?

The Mimosa flowers close when touched due to changes in turgor pressure at a cellular level as a predatory avoidance mechanism.

Final Thoughts

The Mimosa tree can have many symbols, both happy and sad, as you can see. Loved for their beauty and ruggedness, these plants can brighten your winter with vibrant colors in unfavorable conditions and little work. Or give them for a gift to convey an unspoken message of one of these meanings.