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Lisianthus Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Lisianthus Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Symbolic of appreciation, gratitude, and a lifelong bond between two romantic partners, the Lisianthus flower makes an excellent plant to grow indoors or outside. Although tricky to start, many Lisianthus flower meanings vary by color and size.

About the Lisianthus Flower

Lisianthus flowers go by Eustoma in Greece, where they grow natively. Eu is for beauty, while stoma is for mouth – beautiful mouth (or something shaped like a mouth). 

Lysis also means dissolution, while anthos stands for flower. You can find this flower growing in South America and most locations throughout the southern part of the United States. 

Only two to three species in the Eustoma genus belong to the Gentianaceae family. 

History and Origin

The Lisianthus plant is a North American native, found growing in riverbeds in the desert and on prairies. This modern species comes from the cultivation of wild prairie plants, successfully done by the Japanese in the 1930s. 

Common Name

It’s referred to as the prairie gentian in Colorado, Nebraska, Texas, and Nevada. Or it’s also often shortened to simply gentian. 

Other names include Texas Bluebell, Lire de San Pedro, and Eustoma grandiflorum. And because the name can be a bit confusing for some people, they’re also referred to as Lizzies.


The appearance of the Lisianthus plant varies greatly, coming in cool-toned flower shades of pink, lilac, blue, green, white, salmon, peach, and purple.

Bloom structure can be single – which looks like poppies and tulips – or double-flowered (like peonies and roses). The delicate petals have a strong, frilly shape that can 

The shape of the flower varies from bell to full-shaped. The species also has straight, long stems and dark, slightly succulent leaves.  

Lisianthus Flower Care

Growing Lisianthus can be a tricky task, especially during the early days. It can take 15 to 20 months for the plant to germinate from seed to bloom. For this reason, it’s less recommended to start your plants from seeds when debating how to grow lisianthus. 

Plants require full sun exposure and well-draining, rich soil that stays moist without letting it get water-logged. Some species may need staking for support. 

To extend the life of your Lisianthus flower bouquet, start with diagonal cuts to the stems. Next, take off any foliage and leaves that will hang into the vase to prevent rotting. 

Fill a clean vase with fresh water, treated with balanced cut flower food. You’ll need to keep the vase topped to extend the bouquet’s lifespan. These flowers require a lot of water due to the thin petals. 

Keep your cut arrangements away from fruit bowls and draughts. Also, do not put them near any heat source, including the sun.

Uses Throughout History

The Lisianthus flower is a popular choice for bouquets and cottage gardens. Other uses include medicinal purposes, which have antimicrobial and antifungal properties. 

And essential oils are often extracted from the roots, leaves, and petals. Or they can be turned into an antibiotic for treating bacteria affecting the intestines.

Star of Lisianthus Flower Symbolism

The Star of Lisianthus flower has many symbols, including appreciation, gratitude, charisma, thank you, or admiration. This plant is also the birth flower for people born under the sign of Sagittarius, representing those who are strong, imaginative, and creative. 

Life-Long Bond Between Two people

When two people decide to form a life-long bond, they can use the lisianthus flower to symbolize a strong emotional relationship.

This meaning of the flower makes it a popular choice for anniversaries and weddings. In addition, it’s used for wedding decor in many countries. You can also choose this flower as a gift to your partner to demonstrate your feelings of devotion and love.


You can also send a message of appreciation, as represented by the gift of a Lisianthus plant. It says that you appreciate a person and appreciate what they have done.

Confidence and Charisma

These flowers also represent charisma and confidence due to their graceful stems and delicate, soft wrinkly petals.


The Lisianthus can also express gratitude towards a friend for being of help or having done something. Send this flower to say thank you instead of sending a card.

Wedding Traditions

Lisianthus flowers are popular in wedding bouquets, partially due to their similar look to roses. It’s also chosen because it represents traditional values while being modern and contemporary with a romantic charm. 

Lisianthus Flower Color Meaning

Lisianthus plants can have various lisianthus meanings based on the flower’s colors. Lisianthus colors include pink, purple, white, yellow, peach, green, and blue.


A pink lisianthus flower meaning is femininity and the celebration of all things womanhood. Use this color flower for a woman who’s recently become a mother or a young girl.


White lisianthus flowers represent innocence. Another Lisianthus white meaning is purity. You often see lisianthus plants used for romantic occasions and wedding decor.


The purple lisianthus flower represents beauty and royalty. It comes in various lisianthus purple shades, from lavender lisianthus to violet-blue lisianthus. 


Yellow can sometimes look like a peach Lisianthus and can mean happiness and joy. It’s a great flower for home decor or a gift for a friend or other dear person. But it’s not the best color for emotional loved ones.


Green symbolizes wealth, success, and fertility. It’s typically related to a career or business. 


Red Lisianthus flowers can symbolize love and passion, making an excellent gift for a loved one for whom you feel intense romantic attraction. 

Lisianthus Flower FAQ

Find out more about the Lisianthus flower with these commonly requested questions.

When Should You Give Someone a Lisianthus Flower?

A lisianthus bouquet is a suitable gift for saying thank you. These strong flowers are excellent for Mother’s Day presents or as a romantic gift to celebrate your partner’s anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. Lisianthus can also be a thank you gift for a close friend or a thoughtful gift to someone born under the Sagittarius zodiac sign – November 22 through December 21.

What Does a Lisianthus Flower Tattoo Represent?

This flower tattoo can represent your astrological sign or as a sign of appreciation or gratitude for life’s smallest blessings.

Are Lisianthus Flowers Poisonous?

Lisianthus flowers are non-toxic to people and animals.

Are Lisianthus Flowers Annuals or Perrenials?

Lisianthus flowers are herbaceous annuals.

Where Can You Buy Lisianthus Flowers?

There are many places where to buy lisianthus plants. You can get them from local nurseries, ordered online, or purchased through plant catalogs.

Final Thoughts

The Lisianthus flower is often mistaken for roses, peonies, tulips, or poppies due to the single or double-layer petal arrangement. However, the ruffled edges and soft look give this plant meaning of a bond between two people, tradition, gratitude, appreciation, charisma, and confidence.