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Hyacinth Flower Meaning And Symbolism

Hyacinth Flower Meaning And Symbolism

Hyacinth flowers originated in Greece and Turkistan, where many of the hyacinth flower’s meaning also comes from. This article discusses the meaning and symbolism of hyacinth flowers. 

Hyacinth comes from the word jacinth, which means blue gemstone. As the blue hyacinth varieties are the most common, this is likely the reason for the name. Different colored hyacinth flowers have different symbolic meanings. The Greeks have an interesting story about the origins of hyacinths. 

Because there is a different meaning for each color of hyacinth, we will discuss the meanings of the flower according to each color. 

The Meaning Of Hyacinth Flowers

There are two accounts for the meaning of the name hyacinth. The first is that it is derived from the word jacinth. Jacinth, meaning blue gemstone, can certainly describe the appearance of blue hyacinths. 

However, the other possibility comes from Greek mythology. The Greek gods Apollo and Zephyr were competing for the attention of a Greek boy named Hyakinthos. Apollo taught him to throw a discus, which enraged Zephyr so much that he blew a strong wind in Apollo’s direction. 

Unfortunately, the wind blew the discus to Hyakinthos, who was struck and killed. Apollo, mourning Hyakinthos’ death, saw a flower growing from where the boy’s blood spilled and named the flower hyacinth to commemorate Hyakinthos’ loss. 

What Do Hyacinth Flowers Symbolize? 

As mentioned before, hyacinth flowers have different meanings according to their colors. Not all colors of hyacinths have positive connotations. Therefore, you must know the importance of the color before gifting it to someone.

Blue hyacinths are connected to royalty. These flowers symbolize peace, new beginnings, and respect. They are also a sign of good wishes.

Purple hyacinths are also connected with royalty and symbolize devoted love, wealth, and elegance. Purply hyacinths also symbolize apology and sorrow for a wrong committed. 

Yellow hyacinths symbolize jealousy. This meaning may also be connected to the Greek story. Therefore, giving someone yellow hyacinth flowers can indicate that you are jealous of their accomplishments.

White hyacinths symbolize peace and purity. They can also signify that you are thinking of someone and praying for them. White hyacinths are often used in wedding arrangements. 

Red hyacinths are meant to indicate vigor, passion, and fun. Red hyacinths can also be connected to romantic love but aren’t commonly gifted to love interests. However, red hyacinths can brighten any setting. 

When To Give Someone Hyacinth Flowers

Hyacinths make beautiful flower decorations when placed in a vase. However, as the different colors of hyacinths mean different things, knowing what color to give someone is essential.

Hyacinths are an indication of spring and new beginnings. Therefore, giving someone a bouquet of hyacinths in springtime or when they start a new journey in life is a thoughtful gesture.

White hyacinths can mean that you think of someone and pray for them. Therefore, you can gift these flowers to a sick person or someone going through a hard time.

Purple and blue hyacinths can be gifted to someone who has done you a favor or someone you have great respect for. 

Red hyacinths are appropriate for any occasion as they symbolize fun and good times. You can also make a bouquet containing an assortment of different colored hyacinths. However, it would be wise to exclude yellow hyacinths from this arrangement. 


Hyacinths have many symbolic meanings, mostly related to the color of each flower. Greek mythology has a fascinating account for the name hyacinth. Historians also believe it is derived from the word jacinth. Most color hyacinth flowers have positive connotations. However, yellow hyacinths can mean jealousy.