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16 Flowers That Mean Thank You

16 Flowers That Mean Thank You

When words fail you, let flowers speak for you. The language of flowers explains flowers and their meanings for silent communication. You can use different flower types to express feelings of gratitude using flower symbolism. On this list of flowers that mean thank you, you’ll also find other flower meanings and flower color meanings.

Flowers That Mean Thank You: 

There are many occasions where you may want to use flowers to show your gratitude and appreciation to someone. The person you want to thank and the situation can help narrow down the proper flower.

Sweet Pea

The primary Sweet pea flower meaning is “Thanks for a good time.” Use these Sicily-native beautiful flowers as a gift to show gratitude to someone for a fun experience, like dinner, a movie, a concert, or a vacation. Sweet Pea – Lathyrus odoratus – is in the Fabaceae family and traces back to Father Cupani, a Franciscan monk from 1696.


Japanese native Hydrangeas (Hydrangeaceae) – in the family Hydrangea – have the main floral meaning of thanking someone for understanding. Use Hydrangeas flowers in white, peach, or pink as a gift to someone who supported you through a difficult time. Hydrangea comes from the Greek words meaning water (hydros) and jar (angos). 

Dark Pink Roses

In the flower language, a flower of love Rose (Rosa of the Rosaceae family) bouquet in full bloom in yellow, pink, white, or peach can say thank you. Yellow roses can also mean friendship and joy, peach is appreciation, and pink roses symbolize friendship and admiration. Dark pink roses say thank you for any occasion.


Camellia (Camellia japonica of the Theaceae – tea – family) are flower types native to China and Japan and can show gratitude. These red, pink, and white flowers meaning blooms, resemble roses and are evergreens that can be the gift that keeps giving year-round.  


Campanula – Bellflower – (Campanula latifolia of the Campanulaceae family) forms cup or bell-shaped flowers in pink, blue, white, and purple on tall stalks in the language of flowers means gratitude or thank you. Campanula translates to little bell in Latin and is native to temperate Asia and Europe. 

Christmas Cactus 

The Schlumbergera is native to Brazil, where it got its meaning as a symbol of Christmas and answered prayers. These cacti can produce purple, pink, yellow, white, or red flowers every holiday and can gift someone who stands out.


Iris flowers – Iridaceae of the Asparagales family – are the perfect Flower language thank you gift to a friend to express the depth of your appreciation and gratitude. Iris can also say, “You mean a lot to me.” 

African Violets

African Violets – the Gesneriaceae family – are native to East Africa and are symbolic of faithfulness, devotion, loyalty, and gratitude. The name violet comes from the similarities to real violets, but they are different species.


The flower definition for the Pansy (family Violaceae) can be “I’m grateful” or “I’m thinking of you.” These delicate – and edible – thank you flowers can express gratitude, love, and admiration. The smiling face can also mean consideration, remembrance, and thoughtfulness for any thank you occasion. Pansy comes from pensee – French for to think of or remembrance.

Blue Hydrangeas

Blue Hydrangeas can make an excellent cut flower bouquet of popcorn balls to say thank you. But another Hydrangea flower meaning is as an apology.


Lavender – Lavandula of the family Lamiaceae – is native to the Mediterranean and is a popular herbal aromatic. Lavender flower meanings include devotion, purity, grace, silence, calmness, serenity, royalty, and elegance. It’s perfect to use in a mixed flower bouquet with flowers, sunflowers, and fillers to express gratitude for any occasion.


Primrose (Primula from the Primulaceae family) comes in red, orange, lavender, and yellow shades and makes great short-term houseplants. Gift a (central and western) European-native Primrose as a sign of gratitude to a friend. Primrose comes from prima rosa (Latin for the first rose).


Peonies (Paeonia of the family Paeoniaceae) have many connections to romance, symbolizing a happy marriage. Use a Peony to convey thanks to a spouse or partner. These flowers are native to Europe, Asia, and North America.

Lucky Orchid

Orchids (Orchidaceae family) are elegant, lavish, and complex, making them fabulous gifts of gratitude to a person of respect, like your best friend, a teacher, or your mother-in-law. Orchids can also symbolize thoughtfulness and maturity.

Yellow Tulips

Tulips (Tulipa of the Liliaceae family) are Spring’s favorite flowers and grow in vibrant, unique cup shapes. Besides the meaning of perfect love, you can use tulips in a cheerful, sunny yellow to express gratitude and happiness. 


The dainty, beloved Daisy – Bellis perennis of the Asteraceae family Gaia flowers – has meanings of innocence, humility, purity, fun, affection, hope, new beginnings, and gratitude to a loyal love when given as a bouquet to a long-term partner.

Thank You Flowers FAQ 

Want to know more about using thank you flowers? Check out these frequently asked questions.

What’s the Meaning of Different Colored Roses?

There are 24 colors of roses, each with a unique meaning. For example, dark pink is suitable for saying thank you or expressing gratitude. 

Which Thank You Flower Should I Choose for My Significant Other?

Peonies or roses are the best thank you flowers for your S/O.

Should I add a Thank You Note to My Flowers? 

Thank you notes are not obligatory, but an extra personal touch can get your meaning of gratitude across to the recipient. 

Final Thoughts 

You can find multiple flowers with meaning to express thanks to someone. So whether you’re looking to thank someone in a platonic way or you want a flower that has meaning, this list of 16 flowers that mean thank you have it all.