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14 Flowers That Mean I’m Sorry

14 Flowers That Mean I’m Sorry

“I’m sorry” flowers are an excellent way to express an apology, and there are many flowers meaning “I’m sorry”.

The offense or the person you’re apologizing to can determine which apology flowers you should use as “sorry flowers”. Check out these 14 flowers that mean I’m sorry.

14 Flowers That Mean I’m Sorry

Each of these I’m sorry flowers will have an apologies meaning. But many will also have other symbols to know before deciding which flowers to use for saying I’m sorry to someone.

1. Yellow Roses 

Yellow roses (Rosa of the Rosaceae family) symbolize friendship and innocence. Send a friend yellow roses to convey heartfelt emotions and cheer. Roses – native to China – can also represent warmth, affection, care, and unconditional love.

2. Pink Roses

Roses are known globally as a symbol of love. But you can also use roses, especially pink ones, to get back into someone’s good graces and show your true feelings for someone. Pink says I’m sorry while expressing appreciation and gratitude. So you can use pink roses as a way to apologize to someone you’ve taken for granted or unappreciated. 

3. Pink Carnations 

Pink carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus of the Caryophyllaceae family) have grace and charm that you can use as an apology flower for a partner, family member, friend, or another person you hold dear at heart. This flower symbolizes “I’ll never forget you,” making it a suitable apology flower for something you forgot. For example, use carnation for how to apologize to your mom for a missed dinner or birthday.

4. Blue Hyacinth

The primary Blue Hyacinth (Hyacinthaceae family) symbolism means making peace. The color blue has calming effects that can calm a person’s anger. And it conveys the message of “I’m sorry. Let’s make peace.” Choosing a blue hyacinth also says that you put serious thought into your apology and that you’re eager to make peace and fix things.

5. Purple Hyacinth

The most significant purple hyacinth flower meaning is regret. Therefore, using purple hyacinths in an apology bouquet symbolizes your feelings of sadness over the disagreement. They can also ask for forgiveness. Sending these flowers also means that you are willing to forgive the person of their faults and be your apology. 

6. White Tulips 

White Tulips (Tulipa of the Liliaceae family) are large, showy blooms that form unique cup shapes. These happy flowers are symbolic of peace, forgiveness, joyfulness, renewal, hope, happiness, and they say, “I’m sorry.” Pink – lasting and deep caring – and yellow tulips are appropriate for sincere apologies. 

7. White Lily of the Valley

There are many kinds of Lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis of the Asparagaceae family) symbolism. In the Victorian language of flowers, a White Lily symbolizes a return to happiness. The flower is also symbolic of humility, rejuvenation, devotion, and rebirth. Use these as an I’m sorry to repair a damaged friendship and show that you’re eager to move past the fight, leaving the problem behind for a fresh start.  

8. White Orchids

White orchids (Orchidaceae family) represent sincerity, while the color white means agreement and peace. White orchids are a fantastic I’m sorry flower to send to show that you feel regretful of your actions and are making a heartfelt apology. Other meanings of White Orchids are rarity, power, and strength. If you’re looking for how to apologize to your boyfriend, Orchids are also symbolic of masculinity and strength, so they’re great apology gifts for him.

9. Ivy Flowers

Ivy (Hedera of the family Araliaceae) is more of a plant than a flower, used as a filler in apology bouquets and other flowers. Use Ivy to represent support and dependability to someone who doesn’t like frilly florals. 

10. Sunflowers

Sunflowers (Helianthus of the family Asteraceae) is a good way to make someone smile with a playful touch to an apology. These beautiful bold flowers symbolize good vibes and cheerfulness. However, because these flowers are so fun, they aren’t suitable for every apology. 

11. Asphodel

Asphodel – Asphodelus ramosus of the Liliaceae family – has several meanings, with the most symbolic being, I’m sorry, used for consolidations for funerals or the anniversary of the loss of a loved one. In addition, this Mediterranean-native flower has significant cultural meanings in Greek mythology, where it got the meaning of the afterlife and peace after death. 

12. White Poppy

White poppy (Papaver rhoeas of the Papaveraceae family) means peace and consolation to the receiver and represents sorrow or the beauty of peace. These flowers are symbolic in Greek mythology, associated with Ceres and Persephone. 

13. Scarlet Geranium

The Scarlet Geranium (Geraniaceae family) symbolizes comfort and consolidation. Yet, despite these sad flower meanings, geraniums can also represent good health, happiness, and friendship.

14. Star of Bethlehem

The Star of Bethlehem represents reconciliation when sent alone. It’s best to use this flower when apologizing for wrongdoing that might forever destroy a relationship. Sending this flower says you want to start over again and have a hopeful outlook for the future.

What Different Colors of Flowers Express Remorse 

Just as each flower has its meaning, so too does each color of a flower. 


White flowers represent the pureness of new love, unity, and virtue. The best apology flowers in white are roses, tulips, and lilies. White can also express sympathy.


Pink flowers mean appreciation, gratitude, thank you, love, sympathy, or to tell someone special “I’m sorry.” 


Yellow flowers are symbolic of joy and friendship and can make someone smile. As I’m sorry flowers, yellow can be an apology to a friend after a misunderstanding. The best yellow apology flowers are orchids, roses, and gerberas. 


Blue flowers are symbolic of making peace.


Here are a few frequently asked questions about I’m sorry flowers.

What Color Flowers Mean I’m Sorry?

Flowers in white, pink, yellow, or blue can symbolize an I’m sorry apology.

What Flower Symbolizes Sadness?

Flowers that can symbolize sadness include Lilies (Lilium), Sowbread (Cyclamen), Hyacinth (Hyacinthus), Periwinkle (Vinca), Sword Lily – Gladiola (Gladiola), Mum (Chrysanthemum), Carnations, (Dianthus), and Lily of the Valley (Convallaria). 

How Do I Write a Condolence Message to Go With Apology Flowers?

To write a message, express your sympathy, use the deceased’s name and acknowledge the loss, mention a special quality, and end with a salutation of sympathy, wish, hope, or religious quote.

How Many Roses Say I’m Sorry?

You can say I’m sorry with a bouquet of 15 roses.


Flowers can be a helpful way to express an apology. Whether you’re trying to say I’m sorry for a fight, wrongdoing, or condolence, there’s a flower that can convey your meaning. This list covered fourteen I’m sorry flowers and helpful advice on apologizing with flower language.