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6 Flowers That Mean I Miss You

6 Flowers That Mean I Miss You

In the language of flowers, these are six flowers that mean I miss you.

Enjoy these flowers and their meanings and origins.

6 Flowers That Mean I Miss You

There are many occasions when you might want to use flowers to express feelings of missing someone. This list has flowers that represent the death of a loved one, flowers that mean strength, or ones meaning miss you. 

1. Zinnias 

Zinnias (Zinnia of the Asteraceae family) are one of summer’s longest blooming flowers, known for their vibrant daisy-like petals in all colors of the rainbow. 

The name Zinnia comes from a botanist, Dr. Johann Gottfried Zinn. You can use these North and South American-native flowers for daily remembrance, lasting affection, endurance, goodness, and for thoughts of friends. 

2. Stargazer Lilies

Stargazer lilies (Lilium Stargazer of the Liliaceae family) are hybrid lilies named for the upward direction of the flower face. These pink, red, and white flowers say, “I miss you deeply.” 

The flower’s vessel shape gives meanings of emotions and authentic feelings, melancholy, or loneliness. Lily is from leiron – Queen of the Greek deities. A Madonna lily (white) means “I miss you,” hope, and love. 

3. Single Rose

Roses – Rosa of the Rosaceae family – is foremost associated with romance and love. However, there are as many meanings for roses as there are variations. 

A single white rose conveys “I miss you” and represents truth and sincerity. Roses have ties to Greek and Roman mythology origins and goddesses Iris – of the rainbow – and Aphrodite – of love. 

4. Sweetheart Roses

You can also use Sweetheart roses (Rosa’ Cécile Brünner’) to symbolize missing someone special. These roses are smaller and come in yellow, white, and pink variations. 

To convey feelings of “I miss you,” choose sweethearts in pink, peach, and cream. This cultivar occurred in France by Marie Ducher in the 1800s. In 1881, the species was launched to the public by Joseph Pernet-Ducher.

5. White Orchids 

Orchids (of the family Orchidaceae) are graceful, charming express flowers that can send an unspoken message of “I miss you” or “I want you.” White orchids also represent reverence, purity, innocence, and hope. 

Orchids white means testicles in Greek, giving these flowers sexual references of seduction and desire. Orchids also have associations as flowers of death.

6. Carnation 

Carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus of the Caryophyllaceae family) are among the most popular flowers for celebrating special occasions. Use a white carnation to represent remembrance or missing someone. 

Carnation is from the Greek coronation, where the flowers were used for ceremonial crowns. Pink carnations mean an unforgettable person, and red is love or admiration. In many South and Central American cultures, delicate flowers are common for funerals, making them a flower that represents death.

I Miss You Flowers FAQ

Here are some things you probably don’t know about using flowers to say, “I miss you.”

What Is the Meaning of Three Red Roses?

The number of roses in a bouquet has unique meanings outside of the flower’s color. For example, three red roses mean I love you. It is also a symbolic gift for a first month’s anniversary. 

What Color Rose Means I Miss You?

Rose colors to convey feelings of missing someone include peach, pink, and cream gathered into a bouquet. Or a single white rose can mean the same thing.

What Flower Symbolizes Loss?

Orchids – the flower of death – is a common plant to show sympathy over the loss of someone important. Likewise, roses, chrysanthemums, and carnations symbolize loss and are popular funeral flowers.

What Color Means I Miss You?

White is a versatile color that can mean many things, including I miss you when used for flowers of any species. Pink and red are also suitable colors.

What Can I Say Instead of Miss You?

Other things you can say instead of miss you include you’re in my thoughts, wish you were here, you’re on my mind, or I’m thinking of you.

Final Thoughts

There are many flower definitions, with most flowers having more than one reference. You can use these flowers to say I miss you. The next time you’re looking for what do flowers symbolize, remember that a flower’s color and species can affect the meaning.