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Dill Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Dill Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Dill is a staple herb used in the kitchen for several recipes across different cultural cuisines. Of course, you can use fresh dill or dried dill for cooking. But before you use this herb in your dishes, you can enjoy the beauty of the dill plant and appreciate the different dill flower meanings – wealth, protection, and happiness.

About the Dill Flower.

The Dill plant goes by the botanical name Anethum graveolens in the genus Anethum (the only species). It’s a part of the Apiaceae family. 

History and Origin

The aromatic dill is native to southwest Asia and domesticated in North America and parts of Eurasia. 

Its origins lie in the Mediterranean, where it’s believed monks caused the herb to spread throughout Europe. The name comes from an old Saxon world – dilarm – meaning rock to sleep. 


The dill plant grows slender and tall, up to 20 to 40 inches. This self-seeding plant has edible feathery green threadlike leaves. 

The striped hollow stems support greenish-yellow flowers that form packed clusters of upward-pointing umbels resembling an umbrella.

Dill Flower Care

Dills do best in full sun with slightly acidic to neutral soil pH. You can grow this herb in hardiness zones 2 through 9. 

These plants require well-draining soil with high organic matter content. In addition, it will need protection against a strong wind, as the thin stalks will easily blow over.

You can water freely during growing periods to prevent excessive drying out. In addition, allowing dill to go to seed ensures that you’ll get additional dill plants growing back the next season. 

Uses Throughout History

The most common use of dill has been for seasoning, dating back centuries. However, this aromatic herb has been used for its leaves and fruits – seeds in many cooking recipes. Dill flowers are also edible.

It’s common to see dill leaves chopped up and served as garnish and to season salads. Or you can use dill with potatoes, melted butter, or sour cream, to name a few. But, of course, the most popular use is to flavor gherkins – pickles. 

Dill has also been used for its health benefits. This herb is high in magnesium, iron, Vitamins B and C, and calcium. While the leaves can treat digestive orders, heal infections, and lower blood pressure. 

The frilly look also makes them work for cut floral arrangements in vases or field bouquet fillers.

Dill Flower Symbolism

The Dill flower has a few flower meanings to know. 

Etymological Meaning

Dill comes from the ancient language of Old Norse, which is a North Germanic dialectic from the 9th to 13th centuries. 

It’s a derivative of Dilla or Dylla – to sing a lullaby, lull, or sooth children. The name comes from the plant’s ability to calm and soothe. 

Anethum comes from two Latin words, ano, and theo, which means growing upwards. And the name Graveolens is a combination of gravis with oleo, meaning a strong smell. 


The dill plant is symbolic of protection in many parts of the world. For example, during the Middle Ages, dill had a role in many charms and spells cast by magicians to protect against witchcraft. 

In England, it was thought that wearing dill against bare skin could counteract evil spells. And hanging dill stalks over a baby’s cradle kept the child calm and free of bad dreams.

And dill seeds under the pillow were the only solution for nightmares or being targeted by a witch. 


In ancient Rome, dill was symbolic of pleasure, joy, and vitality. Having dill with you when you get married ensures enduring love.


Dill is also believed to bring good fortune and wealth. 

Dill Color Meaning

Dill only produces flowers in one color – yellow. 


Yellow dill flowers symbolize happiness, joy, new beginnings, and friendship.

Dill Flower FAQ

Check out more about the dill flower with these frequently asked questions. 

When Should You Give Someone a Dill Flower?

Dill flowers are suitable for wedding bouquets, good luck bouquets, spring floral arrangements, birthdays, housewarmings, and well-wishes.

Are Dill Flowers Fragrant?

Dill flowers have a strong fresh fragrance.

What Does a Dill Flower Tattoo Represent?

There is no significance to a dill flower tattoo.

Are Dill Flowers Poisonous?

Dill flowers, seeds (fruit), and leaves are all edible and not poisonous.

When are Dill Flowers in Season?

Dill blooms from early to midsummer, with some varieties reblooming later in the season when cut back.

Final Thoughts

Dill flowers are an aromatic herb used for a massive number of culinary recipes, including making pickles and seasoning fish. Dill produces airy umbrellas of yellow flowers formed in loose clusters that smell great and can look fantastic in the ground or once cut off the plant.