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Delphinium Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Delphinium Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Tall and graceful, Delphinium – Larkspur – comes in many colors and meanings. The delphinium meaning can vary by the color – blue, purple, white, and pink. Common delphinium flower meaning include protection, goodwill, and cheer. A larkspur flower meaning is also the birth flower of July. Keep reading to learn what is Larkspur, the definitions, and colors, and how to grow Delphinium.

 About the Delphinium Flower

The two most common names for this flower are Delphinium and Larkspur. Other names include Lark’s Claw, Lark’s Heel, and Knight’s Spur. 

The larksburg flower belongs to the Ranunculaceae family, which contains more than 300 types of Delphinium. It’s a relative of the buttercup. 

History and Origin

The first mention of the Delphinium plant was in 1664, listed as a cut flower and ornamental garden use. The Larksburg flower is native to some areas of Central and Northern Asia and various European regions in the Northern hemisphere.

Greek mythology tells the origin story of the Delphinium flower, which appeared after Aias (Ajax), a war hero, died in combat. His blood transformed into larkspur flowers with the letters Ai written on the petals, the Greek word for alas.


Larkspur is dense, clumped plant that can spread out in growth and form lovely long spikes of around 20 flowers. 

The blooms form in small central flowers (eyes or bees) with a prominent spur shaped like a dolphin or lark claw. The petal formation can vary by single, double-form, or semi-double, determining the flower’s number of sepals and petals.

Delphinium Flower Care

Delphinium care can be picky, especially during hot summers. They require a well-drained soil that stays consistently moist. Provide water every 7 to 10 days in dry conditions, watering at the base of the plant.

They do best in full sun – 6 to 8 hours daily – as shade and humid climates can cause fungus to grow on the foliage. The soil should have a neutral to slightly alkaline pH with regular fertilizing during the growing season.

And another crucial component of delphinium care is to provide enough structural support, like staking, to keep them from damaged stems.

Deadheading old dead blooms can make the plants produce smaller second blooms afterward.

Uses Throughout History

Larkspur was used by many cultures throughout history, including European settlers and Native Americans, to make blue dye.

Another ancient use of the larkspur delphinium was to drive away scorpions and cure the stings of a scorpion. It could also repel lice. 

It also used to be a medicine to help with sleep and relaxation. But it’s now known that Larkspur contains toxins that cause dangerously lowered blood pressure, breathing difficulties, and a slow heart rate.

Today, it’s a popular choice of gift flower to present to someone with a July birthday. It’s also a favorite for ornamental and landscaping purposes.

Delphinium Flower Symbolism

The delphinium symbolism varies by culture. It can represent new opportunities, openness to emotions and new feelings, and striving and achieving your goals.

A larkspur symbolism can also represent positive interactions and communications and can be a symbol that wards off evil spirits and negative energies.

Etymological Meaning

The name delphinium comes from delphis, the Greek word for dolphin. The name comes from the shape of the flower buds when closed, which looks like a dolphin’s nose.

Larkspur is a name given by the Tudors in response to the flower’s resemblance to the claw of a lark bird.


Larkspur flowers also symbolize cheer and celebration of life’s little wins. They can help remind you to look at the bright side of life. 


The clustered flower formation on long stems gives Delphinium the meanings of generosity and kindness. They’re commonly used in Europe to express cheer and goodwill towards another person.


Delphinium has also been used through history as a ward against negative things, including evil spirits, giving it the symbolism of protection.

July Birthday

Another larkspur meaning of the delightful dolphin-shaped delphinium flowers is as the birth flower for July. 

Delphinium Color Meaning

Delphinium can also vary based on the flower color meaning.


A purple larkspur flower is the second most popular color choice for the delphinium plant. A purple delphinium means royalty. Another delphinium purple meaning is beauty.  


The blue delphinium meaning is dignity. But blue delphiniums also represent grace, new life, and remembrance. Blue delphinium flowers are the most common of the delphinium colors. 

But, the blue delphinium flower can also mean dignity and success. In comparison, the light blue delphinium flower represents renewal. But light blue Delphinium can also mean youth.


A white delphinium flower also represents renewal and youth. White Delphinium is also symbolic of spirituality, innocence, and purity. 


And a pink delphinium has most of the same Delphinium symbolisms as the blue Larkspur. But pink delphiniums also mean birth and new life. 

Pink Larkspur is frequently used to congratulate or announce a girl baby’s birth – daughter or granddaughter.

Delphinium Flower FAQ

Find out more about the delightful Delphinium flower with these commonly asked questions.

When Should You Give Someone a Delphinium Flower?

Delphinium flowers are a suitable gift for encouraging someone during a challenging time, whether it’s a test, a job interview, or a life obstacle. It’s also a good choice for a July birthday or to give to a romantic partner.

What Does a Delphinium Flower Tattoo Represent?

A Larkspur tattoo meaning could be many things. It’s most often a symbol of a generous spirit. But a delphinium flower tattoo is also lighthearted and fun. The delphinium tattoo is usually with other whimsical images rather than solo.

Are Delphinium Flowers Poisonous to Touch?

Delphinium flowers are poisonous to animals and humans, requiring careful handling. 

How Long Does a Delphinium Bloom?

Delphiniums have a bloom period of several weeks from summer to early fall. 

Final Thoughts

Larkspur, also known as delphiniums, are tall spiked blooms packed with clusters of flowers that can grow up to six feet in height. As the birth flower of July, Larkspur has meanings of happiness, joy, and goodwill. Delphinium was a protective symbol used to ward off evil spirits and negative energy in ancient times.