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Baby’s Breath Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Baby’s Breath Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Baby’s breath is often overlooked due to being used as a supporting character in bouquets of more favored flowers. 

But the baby breath flowers meaning of innocence, everlasting love, purity, and the Holy Spirit make this delicate flower worth a second glance. Tiny and understated, the gypsophila meaning can also change by color. 

About the Baby’s Breath Flower

Baby’s Breath is a dainty bloom from Turkey in Eastern Europe. These flowers are members of the Caryophyllaceae family as part of the Gypsophila genus – among the largest groups of carnations. 

The genus name comes from the Greek words gypsos (gypsum) and philos (friend). Gypsum is a soft type of calcium that makes a sulfate mineral. The common name Baby’s Breath comes from its airy and delicate appearance. 

History and Origin

Gypsophila flowers started in places with high gypsum in the soil in Africa, Eurasia, and Australia. However, the growing popularity of baby breath flowers led to them growing in various parts of the world. 

The babys breath flower name also comes from this flower’s frequent use as a gift for a baby shower. 

And in Great Britain, it’s called the Soapwort. It was considered an adorable flower in the Victorian era due to the light lacy floral canopy. They also held it in high reverence due to the meanings.

Common Name

Baby’s Breath has different names in Singapore, where the flowers are known as Xlence, million stars, and Mirabella.


The flowers that form on baby’s breath are small – 4mm to 6mm – with wispy stems that give the plant a misty look. 

Despite the dainty and delicate look, these flowers are hardy enough to handle dry soils and cold climates that grow from early spring through mid-summer. 

Baby’s Breath Flower Care

Baby’s Breath flowers require friable, calcium-rich soil with gypsum mineral that makes the ground thick and slightly alkalotic. Adding sulfur can increase the soil’s acid or alkaline content, while lime can lower the acidity.

Your plants will need a minimum of six hours of full sun daily. They’re drought and heat-resistant, except for one deep soaking every two weeks in the summer. Lengthen the time to every three weeks in the rainy season. 

Feed your plants with an all-purpose 10-10-10 fertilizer.   

Uses Throughout History

There have been multiple uses for Baby’s breath flower, largely due to being cultivated for thousands of years. Some species are used for floristry and herbal medicines.

Species of baby’s breath that contain saponins are popular for making shampoos and soaps. And floral extract – specifically from the G. paniculata – boosts various medicines’ efficiency – anti-cancer and anti-body-based treatments for leukemia.

Baby’s breath is also a popular ingredient for sweet confections in the Middle East. In addition to being in halva – a flour or nut-butter-based pastry. It can also work as a cocktail garnish to serve as a replacement for lemon and lime twists.

The baby’s breath flower is also a favorite to fill out bouquets and floral arrangements. Some species last several days as a cut flower, while others can absorb toxicities that help clean the air.

Baby’s breath makes for excellent ground cover, especially for rock gardens. Today, they are also still commonly used for boutonnieres, centerpieces, bouquets, and wedding decor for rustic or Boho themes. 

Dried Baby breath flowers are often used for decor, like wreaths, floral balls, table runners, and hanging arrangements. You can let them dry out naturally or use glycerin.  

Baby’s Breath Flower Symbolism

Baby’s Breath flower’s subtle, sweet beauty has given it multiple symbolisms. Here are some baby’s breath flower meanings.

Etymological Meaning

The story behind the name Gypsophilia is from gypsum, describing the mineral that causes the soil to become heavy and thick. 

Everlasting Love

The way these plants can survive in harsh environments gives them associations of undying and everlasting love. Another characteristic that gives the meaning of eternal love is how the flowers retain their looks once cut and dried.

This love can refer to romantic, platonic, or familial relationships and is often used in weddings and romantic baby’s breath flower bouquets.

Innocence and Purity

The baby breath flower symbolizes purity, modesty, and innocence due to producing white flowers. And because the flowers are delicate and tiny, they have associations with newborns.

It can also mean that you keep your innocence and purity by not participating in various activities, like drinking and drugs.

Holy Spirit 

A religious baby’s breath meaning also associates with spirituality and, in Christianity, the power of the Holy Spirit.

Baby’s Breath Flower Color Meaning

You can get these plants to produce multiple baby’s breath colors. Each baby breath flower meaning varies by color.


White is most symbolic of innocence and babies. However, it can also represent purity, spirituality, unity, and welcoming a new baby girl.


Blue babys breath meaning is honesty and respect. But blue baby’s breath is also common for congratulations on the birth of a baby boy. 


Red babys breath flowers represent romance and love. 


 Pink baby’s breath flowers in pink can express emotions and gentleness. It can also represent romance or the birth of a baby girl.


Use purple baby breaths to convey beauty and royalty. 


Orange baby breath flowers represent joy, optimism, and happiness. It’s the perfect gift for family members and friends. 

Baby’s Breath Flower FAQ

Get to know a bit more about the baby’s breath flowers with these frequently asked questions people want to know about the babys breath flowers.

When Should You Give Someone a Baby’s Breath Flower?

Baby’s breath is a suitable present for special events, including baby showers. You can present these in a wooden box, basket, bouquet, or old birdcages. These flowers are best reserved to give to friends, loved ones, or a crush to display affection.

What Does a Baby’s Breath Flower Tattoo Represent?

Flower meanings for tattoos often play a big role in picking the right design. For example, a baby’s breath tattoo can symbolize innocence. Other babys breath tattoo meanings can show your appreciation and love for family members.

Is Baby’s Breath Toxic?

There are some species of Baby’s Breath that have edible roots. But you have to bake these for a long time to get rid of toxic saponins.

Are Baby’s Breath Flowers Annuals or Perrenials?

Baby’s Breath plants are perennials, although some annual types are used for all kinds of occasions. 

Final Thoughts

The baby’s breath flower may look unassuming and understated when viewed as a single piece. But when you consider a baby’s breath bouquet or combine baby’s breath as a filler with a colorful floral arrangement, you get a breathtaking and meaningful flower.