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Azalea Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Azalea Flower Meaning and Symbolism

Azaleas are one of the US’s most popular landscaping flowers, coming in many colors. The main Azalea meaning is to express feelings of wishing to care for someone or their family. But there are many other azalea flower meanings too. 

There are numerous celebrations of this flower’s gorgeousness. But this beauty has a deadly side and plenty of good meanings. Keep reading to find out what do Azaleas symbolize.

Overview of the Azalea

Azaleas are often mistaken for Rhododendron flowers, which makes sense. They are both in the Rhododendron family of flowering shrubs. However, the Rhododendron splits into two groups. As one of the deciduous members, Azaleas are also known as Rhododendron pentantheran


The name of this flower comes from the Greek word azaleas, meaning dry. It references how this plant can thrive in light, dry conditions. 

Azaleas come in over 10,000 variations, originating in Chinese and Japanese gardens. Then, traders began exporting the blooms to Europe and North America, where it’s now one of the most loved flowers.


Azaleas are known for producing voluminous blooms on a single stem. You can enjoy the lovely flowers starting in summer and extending through fall. 

With so many varieties, it’s no surprise that you can get Azaleas in a huge selection of colors and hues of purple, red, pink, yellow, and white. 


These flowers are pretty self-sufficient and low maintenance. You’ll need to choose a site that’s half-shade and airy. The soil must be well-draining and acidic humus. However, they cannot tolerate lime. 

Watering is minimal, best left to natural rainwater. Give your plants 1″ a week, and more often in summer. 

Pests and Diseases

Unfortunately, Azaleas can commonly fall victim to pests like Azalea caterpillars, Azalea Lace Bugs, Azalea Leafminers, Stunt Nematode, Whiteflies, and Azalea Bark Scale.

Diseases that can attack Azaleas include sooty mold, Azalea Gall, Powdery Mildew, Petal Blight, Twig Blight, and Rust.

Azalea Botanical Facts

So, what do azaleas look like in bloom? Azaleas produce decorative and fragrant flowers with large, deep dark oval foliage with a leathery texture. 

The flowers feature five or six stamens in single, semi-double, or double petal forms. They also have a long blooming life.

Uses of Azalea Throughout History

Azaleas have been used in various ways in history. However, the most popular use for these flowers is in gardens. Their vibrant colors and showy flowers make excellent flower beds.

You’ll also find Azaleas mentioned in literature and works of art. For example, Du Fu often includes Azaleas in his poems. Xixiang shu in China, the flower – bush for thinking of home – references the flower’s meaning of home and homesickness.

Many gardeners and landscapers commonly still use Azaleas for outdoor gardens. It’s also common to send a bouquet or a potted azalea plant to a loved one to declare our emotions. 

It’s also a popular flower to use for decorating, parties, birthdays, weddings, ceremonies, and centerpieces. The Azalea is one of São Paulo’s symbols, while it’s also the Nepal national flower.

What Do Azaleas Mean?

The Azalea flower has a lot of positive meanings, emotions, and events. First, it means taking care of yourself and everyone around you. 

It can also say, “Keep your emotions under control,” or “Remember where you came from.” But some other azalea symbolisms this flower has included:

  • Wealth
  • Elegance
  • Taking care of one’s self and family
  • Having a fondness for your home 
  • Wishing to return home
  • Abundance – intelligence or beauty
  • Feminine beauty and femininity
  • Get well
  • When sent in a black vase, it’s a death threat
  • Temperance – given to a kind, modest, simple person

Despite Azaleas’ many good qualities, it also has dark meanings because it is highly toxic. All parts of the plant and flower are poisonous. 

Cultural Significance

In Victorian times, the Azalea represented temperance. Those who supported alcohol Prohibition carried around an Azalea bloom. This meaning came from the plant’s tendency to self-manage and be reserved. 

When sent as a gift, Azaleas insisted on reconsidering one’s feelings. Or to tell the person not to make a public declaration of affection. 

In Eastern cultures like Japan and China, the Azalea flower represents fond memories of spending time at home. 

However, it is also symbolic of a developing love but still at risk of failing to bloom. This meaning comes from the flower’s sensitivity to a strong wind or an accidental contact that can make the flower fall off the stem.

Etymological Meaning

Azaleas were first cultivated in Japan and China. But the Azalea name derives from the Latin word azaleas. But what does Azalea mean? Dry. This flower prefers light, quick-draining dry soil often found growing under large trees that take up all the water. 

White Azalea 

White flowers can portray civility, restraint, and purity. This color flower is also popular for wedding receptions and civil ceremonies.

Red Azalea

Red flowers means passion and romantic messages. Give this color flower to someone whom you truly love.

Pink Azalea

Pink flowers are less personal and intense. The darker the pink, the stronger the emotions and meanings attached. Rich, dense pinks can share similar romantic associations as red Azaleas. Use dark pink to say you love or care for someone special.

Purple Azalea

Purple flowers are more upbeat and friendly. You can also use these to represent royalty or nobility. Finally, you can gift a purple azalea to a person you want to express gratitude towards that has impacted your life.

Yellow Azalea

Yellow flowers are symbolic of family dynamics and friendships. But the cheerful color is also meaningful as positive energy and happiness.

Stories and Myth about the Azalea

The popularity of Azaleas had led to multiple myths. For example, one Chinese story says that a powerful emperor who was successful on the battlefield failed at love. 

When he was given a handful of azaleas, he became entranced and planted the shrub in his garden. Directly after, he found his soul mate, associating the Azalea with passion, love, sudden happiness, and luck.

Another Chinese myth says that an Azalea flower appears each time a cuckoo sings. Once there was a selfish king who did not rule fairly. His people became so angry that a warrior took the king’s life.

However, before he died, the king transformed into a cuckoo and sang angrily until blood spurted from his bill. This blood fueled the Azalea flower, causing its brilliant, vibrant bloom. According to this myth, Azaleas started white but turned pink then red as they absorbed the blood.


Take a quick gander at these frequently asked questions to make sure you know everything there is to know about Azalea flowers.

Are Azaleas Annuals or Perennials?

Azaleas are evergreen perennials. 

When Should You Give Someone an Azalea?

Azaleas are purely ornamental due to their poisonous nature and thousands of variants. Their luscious beauty makes them good gifting flowers for:

  • birthdays from May 20 through June 20
  • To celebrate a female 
  • As a message to your family that you wish to be home with them
  • Suggesting temperance for someone that’s becoming gluttonous with a habit
  • For telling someone to care for themselves
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Housewarming gift 
  • Get well 

What Is the Symbolism of an Azalea Tattoo?

An Azalea tattoo meaning is more popular with women due to being symbolic of femininity. Use this tattoo to represent your pride in being a woman and that you value all of life’s beauty.


Azaleas are beautiful classic blooms that share similar features to Rhododendron. There are multiple azaleas meanings available in various colors and over 10,000 species. You can give it to someone to tell them to take care of themselves and their loved ones. Or plant it outdoors to enjoy amazing flowers through summer and fall.