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Two Types Of August Birth Flowers And Their Meanings

Two Types Of August Birth Flowers And Their Meanings

Each flower has significance and meaning. The same goes for birth flowers. Knowing birth flowers can come in handy when choosing the ideal birthday flowers to send someone. In this article, we will look at gladiolus and poppy flowers, which are the official birth flowers for the month of August. 

Poppy and Gladiolus flowers are the official flowers for the month of August. Gladiolus flowers symbolize strength, integrity, faithfulness, and healing. Poppy flowers symbolize hope, consolation, peace, and remembrance. Each color is also linked with a specific meaning. 

Let’s take a look at the meaning and symbolism behind gladiolus flowers and poppies, including their origins and meanings. 

Meaning And Symbolism of August Birth Flowers: Gladiolus Flowers

Gladiolus flowers are perennial flowering plants. These flowers are very vivid and beautiful. These flowers can symbolize many things. Commonly it represents the strength of character, remembrance, faithfulness, and moral integrity. It is the official birth flower for August, and a gladiolus flower bouquet makes the perfect gift for someone’s birthday. 

The Origins Of Gladiolus Flowers 

The classic gladiolus is part of the iris family. There are about 300 species. Gladiolus flowers are native to tropical Africa, South Africa, Europe, and the Mediterranean area. This flower is sometimes referred to as the “sword lily” or “little sword .”The name comes from the appearance of the gladiolus flower, which is shaped like a sword. 

There are a variety of gladiolus flowers in South Africa. You will also see hybrid species of gladioli. There are also different colors of gladiolus flowers, including red, pink, yellow, and white. 

Cultivated gladiolus flowers come in almost every color. They have been developed largely from South African and East African species. The white marsh Afrikaner from South Africa is more delicate than the cultivated hybrids. The Afrikaner is frequently grown in gardens. 

 Abyssinian gladiolus, a white fragrant flower with an orange and maroon center, and G. carneus, also from South Africa, are widely cultivated. 

Symbolism Behind Gladiolus 

The Gladiolus flower symbolizes healing, as it was used in many cultures as a treatment for many illnesses. It also represents love, infatuation, affection, happiness, and friendship. Gladiolus flowers are also symbols of strength, integrity, and honor. 

Medicinal Properties Of Gladiolus Flowers

Many believe gladiolus flowers have healing powers. The flower was often used for medicinal purposes. The English used the stem base as bandages and to extract thorns or splinters. They also turned it to powder and mixed it with goat’s milk to soothe symptoms of colic. 

Some gladiolus species have been known to cause skin irritation and allergic reactions when used. In African medicine tradition, people often used gladiolus flowers to treat a variety of illnesses like diarrhea, constipation, and colds. Some people even used the flower to treat hypochondriacs, for the improvement of energy levels and mood, lumbago, and headaches.

A Gladiolus As A Symbol Of Strength And Integrity

Gladioli were associated with gladiators. It is said that gladiators wore gladiolus corms around their necks during their battles to protect them. It is therefore associated with strength and integrity. Gladiators regarded integrity and honor as just as important as strength. This flower represents the ability to overcome challenges. 

Gladiolus As A Symbol Of Infatuation

Because it resembles a sword, giving someone a gladiolus flower can also send a romantic message, such as”you pierce my heart .”It is also a symbol of infatuation. A gladiolus flower also represents faithfulness and honesty. It can be given to someone who is close to your heart, like a significant other.

Gladiolus As A Token Of Appreciation 

You can give a bouquet of gladiolus flowers to someone on their birthday in August to show your appreciation for that person in your life or because you believe they embody the above characteristics. 

White gladiolus flowers symbolize purity and innocence, which is why they are mostly featured at weddings or religious occasions. 

Red Gladiolus Represents Love And Passion

Since the color red usually represents love, passion, affection, and infatuation, a red gladiolus flower represents the same. A red gladiolus can be gifted to someone to show your love and affection. 

Yellow Gladiolus Represents Happiness And Friendship

The color yellow frequently symbolizes happiness, positivity, and friendship. It is a very cheerful color and also represents spontaneity. You can gift someone a yellow gladiolus flower as a token of friendship, happiness, or positivity. 

Purple Gladiolus Represents Wisdom

The color purple is usually associated with wisdom, royalty, and nobility. Purple gladiolus flowers will tell the recipient you are enchanted by them and think highly of them. 

Green Gladiolus Symbolizes Sincerity, Generosity, And Renewal

The color green is commonly associated with characteristics like generosity and sincerity. It is also a color that is linked with nature, birth, and renewal. Thus, green gladioli can symbolize sincerity and generosity. You can use these meanings to convey a message to someone on their birthday in August. 

What Gladiolus Flowers Say About People Born In August 

This August birth flower represents the uniqueness of the person. People born in August have moral integrity. They are honest, faithful, intelligent, and strong. These people are commonly sincere and generous. 

Meaning and Symbolism of August Birth Flowers: Poppy Flowers

The other official August birth flower is poppies. It usually represents peace, death, or consolation. Since ancient times people have placed poppies on the tombstones of their loved ones to represent eternal sleep. The poppy flower is commonly used in the United States to remember the people who died in military service. It is commonly used on Memorial Day. 

The Origins Of Poppy Flowers 

Poppies are famous for their vibrant red color, but you also get them in other shades. One species of the poppy is Papaver somniferum, which is the source of the opium drug. This species of poppy was domesticated by indigenous European between 6000 and 3500 BCE for recreational and medicinal use. 

It is also believed that it also originated from the historical region Mesopotamia (now known as Iraq, Kuwait, Turkey, and Syria) and Ancient Egypt. However, different species are native all around the globe. 

Symbolism Behind Poppy Flowers

This August birth flower has many meanings. It is well known for being used as a symbol of remembrance, peace, death, and consolation. 

Poppy Flowers As A Symbol Of Those Lost During Military Service

During the first World War, a battle took place in France, and shallow graves held the bodies of hundreds of soldiers. On top of these shallow graves, red poppies began to flower in the freshly upturned soil. This is why poppies are commonly used to remember those who died during military service. You will often see them on Memorial Day in the United States. 

Poppy Flowers As A Symbol Of Remembrance 

People usually place poppies on tombstones to honor those who passed away. It represents eternal sleep and peace. 

Poppy Flowers Can Represent Happiness, Prosperity, Sympathy, and Consolation

Red poppies can also symbolize happiness and pleasure, while yellow symbolizes prosperity, wealth, and success. White poppies are usually given to those who are grieving as a symbol of sympathy and consolation.

What Poppy Flowers Say About People Born In August  

People born in August are daring, bold, and strong, which is why the poppy is their official birth flower! People born in August are great friends, partners, and family members. You can give any of the above color poppies to send a message to a person born in August to remind them what they mean to you. 


Poppy and gladiolus flowers are the official birth flowers for August. Each beautiful flower has several positive meanings and symbolism behind them. You can give any one of them to send a specific message to that special someone on their birthday in August.